Defending Donald Sterling


Ok, be serious.

Are you really offended at the latest, media-made, scandalous comments of Donald Sterling, the owner of the LA Clippers?


Are you an American? If you are, then why are you offended? Don’t you want to support the Constitution? What happened to your patriotism?

Do you no longer believe in free speech – as an American? If you do, doesn’t Donald Sterling have the ‘right’ to say whatever the heck he wants in this country?


Have you become yet another one of the hypocritical professing Christians who claims to be a patriotic American – while denying free speech to some, like Donald Sterling?

Worse, have you become one of the hypocritical professing Christians who, while claiming to be patriotic, have failed to consider the ramifications of being one, while denying God’s Word on the subject?

Folks, the law of the land is God’s Word, not the Constitution. And even if you demand that the Constitution is the law of the land in America, then why are you complaining about remarks from some owner of a professional basketball team?

I suppose you could be, maybe, yet another poor soul who has been sucked in by modern society’s politically correct, multicultural lies….while professing Christ and God’s Word as the final authority in all things….while claiming to be a patriotic American….and failing at both professions.

I wonder why.