In Case You’ve Been Wondering

Obviously, I have not been posting lately, at least not since February 24, 2014, and  yes, there’s a reason.

First, I’ve been on vacation, physically and spiritually speaking, from blogging – what it is, means, what good is it, etc. I am a preacher, called of God, and that is my first priority.

Secondly, I’ve been on vacation, physically. To an island. Literally. It was fun and beneficial in aiding said first reason for not posting.

Thirdly, I have begun a ministry, still in its infancy, called JTM. I have so many irons in the works, it is not funny, and much time will be allocated towards it. So many contacts, publishing requests and suggestions. Many will be ignored. See reason “first”.

Fourthly, there is so much wrong – and yet so much right-  with the Church and so few listening on both accounts, that I became frustrated, and needed to walk away, at least for a while.

I am refreshed. Hello.