Wycliffe Translators Using Protestant & Baptist Contributions to Publish Roman Catholic Bibles


Wycliffe Bible Translators are producing Catholic bibles and translating the apocrapha.

In Scripture, the Church is described as “the pillar and support of the truth” I Tim 3:15. Our labor, therefore, should be to maintain and preserve it. Wycliffe, a supposed Christian organization seems to have forgotten that there is a line regarding Scriptural doctrine that simply should not be crossed. While being lovingly tolerant of other believers from other denominations,we also need to remember that Christianity is not just a life, it’s doctrine. Yet the Roman Catholic ‘church’ is not a denomination within Protestantism, it is a cult, the world’s largest at that. So why would a Christian organization, having done much good in the past, now seem so indifferent to false doctrine, its translation and publishing?

There is no more destructive enemy in the midst of the Church than indifference to the doctrinal truth of Scripture. Would that Wycliffe Bible Translators remembered that truth.

The August 26, 2012 prayer letter of Wycliffe translator Karl Grebe states:

While some of the translators and I are focusing on finalizing the manuscript of the OT and NT books, others are helping two Catholic priests to finalize their translation of a number of Deuterocanonical books, known by Protestants as Apocryphal Books. Seven of these books will be included in a Catholic edition of the Lamnso Bible. Upon request by the Catholic Church, the Bible Society of Cameroon, which will be the publisher of the Lamnso Bible, agreed to publish two editions, one for Protestants, and one for Catholics, containing in addition a number of DC books. The translation of these books has been going on sporadically over a number of years but is now finally coming to a conclusion. So far I have checked only two of these books because I was giving priority to the canonical books. Our Summer Institute of Linguistics administration is looking for another consultant to help with the remaining checking task so that the publication of the Lamnso Bible will not be unduly delayed.”

(Cited in O Timothy magazine. The significance of this is that Wycliffe Bible Translators is using contributions from Protestants and Baptists, to translate and publish non-inspired books that were added to the Bible by the Roman Catholic Church, which were never recognized by Jews or Protestants as part of the Bible).