Truth vs. Fallacy #2: “There Are Many Interpretations of Scripture”

Fallacy:  [ A common thought ] “It’s not true that because I interpret the Bible in a particular way, and am confident of my interpretation, those who interpret it differently must "reject God’s word as authoritative". They might be just interpreting it incorrectly, but with full integrity. And so might I. Passionate doctrinal debate is fine. Claiming that those who interpret scripture differently from you must be rejecting God’s word as authoritative is not. It’s arrogant.”

Truth: God has communicated clearly. We CAN be certain of doctrinal matters IF they are based and supported by Scripture alone. It is impossible to “interpret Scripture” with full integrity without both acknowledging the Divine truth that Scripture interprets Scripture, and what Scripture clearly declares in regard to the Christian faith and practice of it is final, and no other logic or reasoning, much less a practice declared to be  a ‘divine ordinance’  is pleasing or acceptable to God. What God has said in inspired writing must be accepted, obeyed and acknowledged as Truth and the final authority in all things.

You have no interpretation “full of integrity” other than that which is supported clearly in God’s written Word. To practice anything else in regards to the Christian faith is evil and opposition to the authority of God’s Word.