Trending with God

To say I am greatly disappointed would be a tremendous understatement. But I’m unsure how to word it at the moment.

Let me tell you that I am absolutely amazed at the eagerness to which professing Christians jump on the latest trending topics on social media. If it’s trending, look out. Blog posts, tweets and videos will flood the internet at breakneck speed. Count on it.

The latest trending fad, and that’s what it is, is the ‘blackout’ of mainstream media on the trial of Kermit Gosnell, abortionist.

No, I’m not going to post a video, or the documentary on the guy and all his crimes against humanity. Neither am I going to suck up to the pro-life idolaters who come across this bastion of truth, and that is what it is.

Where is our shame brethren? Is it not obvious that many jump on the popular bandwagon of trendy topics to get the ‘follows’ so lustfully desire?d Granted, I have been guilty in the past of doing the same thing, and I wish someone had loved me enough to point it out to me at the time, but they didn’t.

Where, pray tell, is the outrage against John Piper’s theistic evolution and his support and promotion of worldly worship and contemporary, anti-holiness music like Shai Linne as a role model!? For the sake of heaven, what are you thinking? You prefer the hewn stones of idolatry over sola scriptura?

Where, pray tell, is the outrage of John MacArthur, and his denying that Jesus is right now, KING of kings – in every sense – with all authority and power, right now exercising His FULL divine will over all creation?

Where, pray tell, is the outrage and rejection of a theology that teaches salvation not by grace, but by merit – and is lie from Hell approved by over 65% of evangelical Christians??

Well, where is it?

I’ll tell you where it is, it doesn’t exist, because many brethren are following the trends of the world, and not trending with God and the final authority of His written Word.

Have a great weekend, and may God convict our souls for such neglect of things truly important.