Gun-free Zones: The Most Dangerous Place in America


The recent, highly publicized  shootings in this country are certain to be used to bring so-called ‘gun control’ to the forefront of political debate. Moments after the tragic shooting that left 28 dead in Connecticut at the hands of 20 year old Adam Lanza, Twitter was ablaze with anti-gun comments and calls for more laws with the aim of banishing firearms.

No doubt, politicians and lobbyists will use these tragic events to push their own agenda, making it more difficult, if not near-impossible, for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

It is tragic enough that lives were lost and families torn apart by the actions of a few. The other tragedy, not discussed nearly as often, is the loss of freedom and liberty as Americans which will certainly occur at the hands of lawmakers – if we let them. As I’ve said before in another post on the Aurora, CO shootings, Americans have taken our freedoms and liberties for granted, shrugged off thoughts of God and His Law, and being relaxed in their own little world, became comfortable. Generation after generation allowed the government of the United States to chip away and remove our freedoms and liberties, and the people did nothing about it.

The America we grew up with is gone. Mayberry is hard to find these days, and even when it is found, there is, even there, a more brazen, viciously anti-Christian sentiment that once seemed to exist only in the larger cities.

comicgunfreeGun control doesn’t work; it never has. Neither do gun-free zones. In fact, gun-free zones are the obvious first choice of anyone who might want to walk-in and shoot as many as possible in the least amount of time. They are the most dangerous places in America, because the shooter is going to know the likelihood of anyone there carrying a firearm is slim to none. It’s an invitation for a criminal act.

The good news is that not everyone is so naïve to think that gun control or gun free zones is the answer. We expect the unsaved to think that way, but such thinking is not limited to unregenerate politicians or naïve liberals. Christians who hold to a postmillennial eschatology look for a utopia in the future, teach that society is getting better, being conquered by the Gospel. New Calvinists add their harm by using worldly attractions in a vain attempt to ‘redeem’ society. Naïve, all of it exemplifying a fundamental ignorance of Scripture.

Obviously, the answer to society being changed is the regenerating power of God by way of the Gospel, one individual at a time. While our Lord continues to build His church, adding to it daily those whom He was given by the Father, crime will continue. Scripture testifies that society will continue to become more dark, violent and viciously anti-Christian. That does not excuse us for becoming complacent and comfortable in regards to the safety of our own families and communities.

As Christians, we have a duty and responsibility to protect our families and property. At home and away from it. To be so focused on evangelism of society to the point that politics, freedoms and liberties as Americans – which God has blessed us with – are ignored and left to unregenerates, is foolish and irresponsible. This is particularly true of pastors and Church leaders. Living quietly in your own peaceful world without joining the fray for the safety of your families as well as your community is equally irresponsible. It’s high-time brethren, that you stop drinking tyranny like it was water.

Everyone and anyone who is a citizen of this country needs to take a hard, honest look at history and that with the profound reality, that freedom and liberty must be defended, not merely by legislation, but by force of arms of its citizens. Defended, not only against thugs and maniacs who enter a theater, school or shopping mall, but against our own government if necessary, who seeks not our well-being or common good, but our submission to its insatiable, gluttonous, anti-Republic, anti-God appetite for tyranny.

When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed. – Luke 11:21

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