The 2012 Dearborn Incident

I’ve read the article and seen the rapidly popular video (strong, foul language) on the recent incident of a reported ‘stoning’ of Christians at the annual festival in Dearborn, Michigan.

Personally, I’m not impressed. Mainly, because there was no ‘stoning’ on the  video. What a joke. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

First of all, there’s no such thing as an ‘American muslim’; only muslims in America.

Plastic bottles, a little water, perhaps a few rocks thrown (didn’t see any, but the guy doing the voice-overs made sure to add the drama). Mostly, it appears a group of professing Christians with a lot of signs with at least one purpose of raising the ire of muslims and gaining attention at a public event.

Why? Who knows. These ‘Christian’ guys would love to stir up more and more publicity about the dangers of Sharia law in America, but, all I saw in the video – which is not exactly entertaining – is a group of attention seekers trying to stir up as much emotional support via exaggeration as they possibly could.

The guy, whoever he is, who spoke to the officer near the end, is a bigtime ham. He’s not alone. There are far too many who would love to make themselves the center of the universe. It’s a useless hobby. Go to a public place, hold up a sign, carry a wooden cross, whatever, and go there with the intention of making the news…or making trouble.

Getting grazed by a milk-crate – not a ‘stoning.’ Being afraid of a bunch of kids? – not exactly persecution. More like Hollywood publicity seeking. Yeah, grab that water bottle so they don’t throw it again! We’re being persecuted!! Uh-huh. Anyone see any actual stones? I didn’t think so. This ‘Christian’ group wants to be arrested!

Fact is, anyone who watches that video with all its harsh and vulgar language is really just wasting their time. Don’t promote this story/video as a ‘stoning’ of Christians at Dearborn. If you do, you’re as guilty as the immature knuckleheads who wanted the attention.

Is Sharia law a danger? Not yet. Is Dearborn special?

It is if you’re trying to get your 15 minutes of fame.