Why Are You ‘Reformed’?

I would really like to encourage all my readers to answer this. I am truly interested in your reasons. I ask this question because, quite frankly, it puzzles me.

We don’t need to call ourselves ‘Reformed’ if we believe in the doctrines of grace do we? If we are ‘Calvinists’, do we still need to refer to ourselves in twitter/facebook profiles as ‘reformed’? I mean, what is the purpose?

If we are truly saved, are we not truly aware that we are saved by grace alone, and because of our total depravity prior to that, are we not now aware that we could not save ourselves, but that it was an act of sovereign grace alone that we are indeed saved?

So why the label of ‘Reformed’? If we declare ourselves ‘Reformed’ what are we being reformed from? Keep in mind that many obvious, well-known heretics wear the same label.

Seriously, it’s 2012, the Reformation is long over.