5 Ways Evangelicalism Has Failed Our Children

1. Evangelicals have identified themselves with the conservative political movement. Being pro-life and anti-gay marriage doesn’t mean those who hold those positions can communicate the Gospel in any coherent manner, and if we can’t communicate the Gospel clearly, lucidly, then our conservatism means very little, if anything, doesn’t it?

2. “Christian” music, books and media has produced young people who know very little about the Biblical faith and its God-breathed doctrines. They only know how they feel. They feel strongly about cultural topics like music, abortion, homosexuality and liberal politics, but care little about the orthodox, biblical requirements of obedience, the importance of the Law of God in a Christian’s life, much less why they should obey in the first place.

3. Evangelicalism has traded spending time on one-on-one discipleship  in biblical training for spending of money on youth ministers, programs, art and conferences and entertainment. Do we even need to discuss this?

4. Evangelicals have continued to allow their children to attend statist, government controlled, public schools for their education. When evangelicals do this rather than homeschooling, they give up any rights to complain because they, by doing so, have abandoned their God-given ordained role and responsibility for educating them in the first place. Shame.

5. Evangelicals have relaxed the biblical mandate to separate. Doctrine is important, and there is always the need to examine, and, if necessary, to split theological hairs if said doctrine is ultimately an assault on the foundation of Christianity.