The First “Gay” President

ObamaIt is difficult for me to believe that a major magazine could picture the U.S. president as the first “gay” (if you are older than 30 read: sodomite, queer, homo) president and astoundingly mean to communicate something supposedly positive and not supremely derogatory. When I was born, Eisenhower was president, and only a year before that, Truman. Can anyone not drunk on the euphoria of participating in the accelerated collapse of Christian civilization imagine Truman or Eisenhower or Kennedy or Johnson or Nixon (the first presidential contest I voted for in 1972) identified on Newsweek as the First Queer President? The First Fag President? Keep in mind the pathetic and sad irony of the sinful plight of homosexuals as “gay” was yet future.

I was an adult long before I ever heard of a homosexual being identified as “gay.” “Gay” was never used to describe homosexuals when I was in high school, nor was it used to my memory in college. Or for that matter later when I was in the Army starting in 1975. Even when I switched branches and went in the Navy in the early 80’s and worked in personnel, including preparing discharges for confessed or discovered homosexuals, I never recall hearing the word “gay”to describe homosexuality. Words change and evolve in meaning – I get that – but the point is,  when I was casting a vote between McGovern and Nixon back in 72, who in that time would have ever imagined in their worst PC nightmare that it would be considered a good thing, an enlightened thing, and astoundingly the high moral ground to be thought the First Homo President?? It would have been every bit as dark and sinister and creepy as being called the “First Child Molester President,” or the “First Rapist President.”

No no no – the notion of the First “Gay President” was not even on the drawing board in the world of my youth. A push for “homosexual marriage” was not only NOT on the cultural drawing board, the very abhorrent notion of it would not even dared been lisped by even an effeminate young Barney Frank. It is hard to even convey to young moderns of today the disgust and revulsion… or at best…laughter, such a proposition would have induced. Now we have a president who is so personally morally bankrupt, so inwardly ethically empty – he is shamefully willing to capitulate to what is arguably the most prominent single corruption of American (and western) culture in history by calling “good” what God and all decent men have called “evil” since Adam. Homosexual marriage? The very concept screams violation of God’s order in such darkly awful and excessive antinomianism that one honestly wonders if it is perhaps the last step in a progression of evil that brings God to close out this wicked world.

President Obama rates no halo. Horns perhaps, but no halo. He may fancy himself the secular savior, but he merely facilitates the perpetuation of the increasingly stinking corpse of a rotting culture, and he obviously is but a tool and dupe of an ever increasing Antichrist sentiment.

– David Leach