Keith Green: The Full Story

The day I heard the news that Keith Green had been killed in a plane crash, I went outside to the back of where I lived to a plush, tall shaded tree, sat down while making sure I couldn’t be seen, and leaned up against it and cried like a baby.

At the time, I was attending the university, living in a Christian dorm owned by University Baptist Church of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I was crushed. I kept praying, “Why?” and thinking, “This man is important Lord, why would you take him away?”

I had been so caught up in finally, finally, living and trying to love like a Christian, and here was someone so affecting my life through music, that it was unthinkable that God would throw me such a curve ball at this point.

I was no longer in high school. I was my own man, a grown up, making my own decisions. Ah, youth. Bless my heart, what an idiot.

Anyway, if, at that time, I had known the story of Keith Green’s life, I might not have been so upset at the time. Then again, I might have. Regardless, one thing I learned from that period of my life is that, truly, God’s way and His thoughts are not ours. It was a hard, but blessed lesson.

Keith Green started out in a very promising career at age 11, but things didn’t turn out as he – or anyone else –  had planned.

What a ‘coincidence’, huh?

Keith Green at age 11:

Now, the rest of the story…..