Happiness & Circumstances

“Our happiness is not dependent on circumstances. I find Nero growling on the throne. I find Paul singing in the dungeon. I find King Ahab going to bed at noon through melancholy, while nearby is Naboth contented in the possession of a vineyard. Haman, prime minister of Persia, frets himself almost to death because of a poor Jew will not tip his bat; and Ahithophel, one of the great lawyers of Bible times, through fear of dying, hangs himself.

The wealthiest man, forty years ago, in New York, when congratulated over his large estate, replied: “Ah! you don’t know how much trouble I have in taking care of it.” Byron declared in his last hours that he had never seen more than twelve happy days in all his life.

The heart right toward God and man, we are happy. The heart wrong toward God and man, we are unhappy.”

– Talmage