New Calvinism Hermeneutics

Note carefully the following quote, and note specifically the definition of ‘synergistic’. You want to know what New Calvinism (NC) is all about, and how they interpret scripture? This is it.

Following is a quote by NC Terry Rayburn in his post Progressive Sanctification – Are We Sanctified by Works? (which is pretty much a response to this post of mine]:

There is an ongoing sort of debate on the subject of so-called “Progressive Sanctification”.

The usual question goes something like this:

“Is our Progressive Sanctification strictly accomplished by God (monergistic), or is our sanctification dependent on our own efforts and obedience (synergistic)?”

Hello? Synergism is allour own efforts and obedience”?????????

Hmm. I have a different definition of synergism. It takes two by the power and enablement of God the Holy Spirit. I’m just sayin’.