Protestant Heresies

Baptists of our day must remember that we are not Catholic or Protestants! I want to include several quotes from some "Patriarchs of the Faith" that absolutely reveal why we cannot yoke up with the Catholics and Protestants.

John Wesley"By baptism, we, who are ‘by nature the children of wrath’ are made the children of God."

Zwingli"He that baptizes will be baptized himself."

Martin Luther"…every Anabaptist…should be deprived of life…be put to death by fire, sword, or otherwise…and be no otherwise judged, tried, or dealt with, under pain of heavy and severe punishment."

John Calvin"Anabaptists and reactionists should be alike put to death…These altogether deserve to be well punished by the sword, seeing that they do conspire against God, who had set him in his royal seat."

John Calvin"Truly so much ignorance deservedly requires another baptism, if for ignorance they should be rebaptized again."

– Ryan McGuire