Thanks to John Downy (a ‘Hoosier’, not a hoser) who designed the following badges for the 5ptsalt site.

We humbly request that all supporters of use the badge of your choice to link back to us and help spread the word! If you would do so, we would be honored.

There are two color schemes, orange and grey as well as three sizes to choose from – large, medium and, of course, teeny-weeny. By using the badges/banners we trust you will be using them favorably, and not for ‘negative’ purposes. We encourage the free distribution of the badges to encourage visits to our site. For those who desire to use them unfavorably…well, do we really want to go there?


5ptsalt lgo5ptsalt mdo5ptsalt smdo

5ptsalt lgg5ptsalt mdg5ptsalt smg