The Obligatory Christmas Post

by David Leach


Here we are again at Christmas. When the small forces of Emperor Scrooge relentlessly engage the vast armies of Santa. The truth is – Santa always wins. Always.

I don’t fight Christmas anymore. Oh believe me I did, I really did. I withstood it with ever Christian sensibility I possessed. It is not in Scripture. Why do we not do the things we are commanded in God’s Word, and yet embrace this curious mixture of ” baby Jesus” and undeniable paganism with such swooning fervor? I mean, c’mon, a day with Santa and Jesus the Messiah with equal billing? I could not do it. I did not do Christmas with my family, and did not sing Christmas type songs in church if they were sung, or attend any Christmas program if whatever church we were part of had one. (Most did not.) If Christmas happened to fall on Sunday, I did not go to church, fearful of that dreaded capitulation to secular compromise. If my church put up any decorations, I was most indignant. I did not buy Christmas trees or gifts. My opposition was public. My devotion to Scroogeism, relentless.

You my friend are a discerning reader, and you understand the use of the past tense in writing – thus you can easily guess that I have somehow changed my point of view. And so I have.

Though my objections to Christmas (that I’ve held for about 35 years) I still maintain, my interaction with those who participate in it have changed drastically. No longer am I a pugnacious anti-Christmas contrarian. My inner Scrooge has shriveled up and gone to whatever dark pit of a place over zealous concerns go. Of course Christmas will never be a Christian day. It is a cultural day with a pseudo-Christian veneer. However, I no longer feel a compulsion to play the curmudgeon. Still, from my vantage point, the less the Lord Jesus Christ is attached to said day, and the more culture nonsense only is, the better. Some say “Put Christ back into Christmas.” However, the obvious truism is – that He was never there. I say, “take Christ out of Christmas,” and just fully install Santa. I’m ok with a day we give gifts and put up trees and lights around our house and take a day off work and have time as a family together. Just stop pretending that the “baby Jesus” has anything to do with it. He doesn’t.

Well, some of you will think me too liberal and wishy-washy, some of you will think me too smug and conservative. and to you in both camps I can only say, do what seems right to you in submission to God and His Word. I trust that is my only intention and desire for myself. Oh, and Merry….you know…