Obedience to Be Practiced Regardless of Circumstances

There is that in God’s commandments which may make us willing. They are not burdensome.

[1] A Christian, so far as he is regenerate, consents to God’s commands. ‘I consent to the law that it is good.’ Rom 7: 16. What is done with consent is no burden. If a subject consents to his prince’s laws because he sees the equity and reasonableness of them they are not irksome. A regenerate person in his judgement approves, and in his will consents, to God’s commandments and therefore they are not burdensome.

[2] God’s commandments are sweetened with joy and peace. Cicero questions whether that can properly be called a burden which is carried with delight and pleasure. Utrum onus appellatur quod laetitia fertur [Is a task performed with joy rightly so called]? If a man carries a bag of money that has been given him, it is heavy, but the delight takes off the burden. When God gives inward joy, it makes the commandments delightful. ‘I will make them joyful in my house of prayer.’ Isa 56: 7. Joy is like oil to the wheels, which makes a Christian run in the way of God’s commandments, so that it is not burdensome.

– Thomas Watson on the Second Commandment

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