To Blog


To blog or not to blog, that is –or was –the question for me this past week. No dramatics needed here. I’ll make this short and to the point.

Without going into details, I’ve weighed the pros and cons in the proverbial balance, and the pros are heavier.

I cannot remember when I have given so much consideration as to how my time is spent and how it affects others as I have in the last month or so.

The bottom line for me is that finishing what you started may not always bring the results you may have wanted, but other than quitting sin, I cannot see how quitting something that you desire to glorify God and His Christ in and with would ever edify anyone.

For those who prayed for me and sent words of encouragement, I thank my God for you in Christ Jesus, and only in Christ are we saints, and not of ourselves.

For those of you who hoped that I was finally gone, well, I’ve celebrated too soon in my life as well.