What Do We Worship Today?


Pictured: The Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition:  $8 million

A central question is: “What do we worship today?” We like to answer, “God”, but if we open our eyes, we find the true answers. The American Empire accepts and proliferates many false gods. The  American Empire expects a good citizen to give his all to the pursuit of money. Still, who needs a god vulnerable to economic whims or even a match?

The lust for power is the driving force of many of our self-styled masters. The power they pursue still cannot conquer death. Many of these status-seekers tell us our best hope is in science and progress. They too, are false messiahs that crumble before judgment and reason. Yet all of these are jealous gods who will have no other god, or even God, before them.

The ignorant and blind will preach these earthly pursuits with passion and force – much like the gnosis warned of by the apostle Paul. These false prophets gnaw at the soul of our people, and convert many. Their irreligion is the road to ruin for all to share equally. Fittingly, the only true equality among such men shall be found in the fires of hell. Only its duration determines whether their hell is the supernatural version or a man-made hell on earth.

– R. Gordon Thornton