Has John Piper Lost His Doctrinal Mind?

john-piperEarlier today, Bro. John Piper made the following tweet:

I’ll have much more to say about this at a later time, but for now, mull over what Dr. Piper is saying. God humbles Calvinists by making their children speak in tongues??

There is no indication whatsoever that Piper is joking, so for those of you who insist he is, by all means, show the indication, ok? There is none.

Forget Calvinism for the moment. Would God, biblically speaking, according to His written Word, cause any Christian to speak in an unknown (to them) tongue? Is Acts 2 seriously seen by Reformed charismatics as a norm for the Church?

Do you see the danger of this? Do you realize the influence of Dr. Piper? Does anyone care anymore?

If this kind of thinking is not a threat to the doctrinal purity of the Church at large, I don’t know what is. Those who wish to remain popular, and on the speaker circuit, I imagine, will say nothing. In fact, I almost guarantee they’ll be silent. I’ll be surprised if this is even mentioned on the Gospel Coalition and their parasite sites.

I’ll have more to say on this at a later time. For now, this breaks my heart to see such falling away from Biblical teaching. It is as if we are watching Dr. Piper lose his doctrinal stability before our very eyes.

We must pray for this man. We must not be silent. We must speak out.