Transcript of John Piper’s Interview of Rick Warren

In spite of Rick Warren’s efforts to now conceal all materials…video, transcript, etc…of John Piper’s recent interview of himself on May 1, 2011…well, too late. Oops.

5ptsalt has obtained a full transcript of the interview and we can’t help but wonder, why the concealment?

Why pull the transcript and video in the first place? Is there something to hide? Is someone afraid of something? Ashamed? Is this damage control? What gives Jethro?

Quite frankly, one has to wonder: Why would Piper go to the effort of interviewing the man, apparently in an attempt to assist in trying to recover Warrens damaged reputation, only to watch his valuable time being dismissed by Warren now?

It truly boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

I can tell you this much. Our Lord Jesus became a man of no reputation, and here we see at least one man, perhaps two, doing everything they can to protect and bolster theirs. Makes me wonder.

Oh, for those of you who are thinking “Why can’t we ignore this ‘secondary stuff’ and just focus on the Gospel”, I answer: If you think that way, you care little for truth. You are dismissed.

Here’s the full interview, for what it’s worth: