Theology and The Silversmith


I have been tossing an idea to and fro for some time now.  It’s the idea of posting a series of articles on how my past experience as a Silversmith’s apprentice, and the craft of “silversmithing” has helped me understand many theological truths.

Granted, I was an apprentice first, and only many years later did my experiences in the ancient craft begin to come back to me as beneficial illustrations of so many glorious biblical truths.

It was a part of my life. I certainly cannot ignore that, and apparently, in the providence of God, it pleased Him for me to experience it.

The more thought I’ve given it, the more merit it seems to have. There are biblical references either to Silversmiths, a related process or some related craft that it’s really hard to ignore – at least for me.

The fact is, it’s just getting hard for me not to smile when I hear someone talk about ‘a refiner’s fire’ without smiling. You have no idea how hard it is for me to restrain myself and say, ‘Brother, let me share something with you…”.

I hope the series, as it develops, will be beneficial to both of us, myself, and you, the reader.