Iain Murray’s “The Old Evangelicalism: Old Truths For A New Awakening

Old_Evangelicalism From Mack Tomlinson’s review of Iain Murray’s The Old Evangelicalism: Old Truths For A New Awakening:

It is always very profitable to read any book by Iain Murray. This one is no exception. Every minister or Christian worker should read everything he has ever written. Accordingly, I could wish that every preacher, pastor, missionary, and Christian worker could have this newest title placed in their hands.

The Old Evangelicalism consists of addresses Mr. Murray gave at various conferences around the world over the last thirty years. Particularly, the content which made up these messages consists of a number of fundamental truths that deal with doctrinal and experimental subjects related to the great themes of salvation and the gospel.

What truths are we speaking of? Murray says, “Sin, regeneration, justification by Christ’s righteousness, the cross and the love of God, assurance of salvation—these are the truths that once thrilled churches and changed nations. They are the message that ‘turned the world upside down’. Yet where evangelicalism continues to affirm these truths, without such results, it is often assumed that she must have new needs that cannot be met without something new. Hence the call for change, and such words as ‘mere doctrine is not enough’.”

No one in our generation writes on these subjects with any more depth and clarity of understanding that Mr. Murray. His help is simply superb for both ministers and Christians in general to understand Christian truth in its splendor and richness.

You can read the rest here.

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