Matt Chandler, New Calvinism & Further Confusion

The following interview of Matt Chandler by Adrian Warnock I found a little disconcerting. While we pray for and desire a full recovery for our brother Matt, his charismatic tendencies and seeming promotion of some WOF practices within the Village Church where he is lead pastor is one more concern in a basket of confusing theology. Reformed, yet charismatic; regarding gifts – a continuationist; Calvinistic yet promoting contemplative mysticism through books by the likes of Quaker mystic Richard Foster and others.

In this interview, Matt speaks among other things, how they handle receiving ‘a word’ presumably from the Lord, from members of his congregation.

At the 3:42 mark, Matt tells us:

“If there’s a word, it tends to come to the elders, then the elders spend some time praying and looking at it and then we decide where to go with it from there. So whether that’s a rolling out of that word to the congregation at large or just a thanking of that person and a further considering. We also do that with dreams and visions…. That’s kind of how we’ve operated thus far.

Some of our guys went up to Sovereign Grace to check out C.J., Josh Harrison and see some of the kinds of ways they work with that….So we’re kinda learning in this area.

No word is mentioned of how the elders look at that ‘word’, but I hope it involves comparing it to the written, final revelation of God. If not, then there’s a dangerous example being set for young, immature Christians.  Individuals who await or offer a ‘word from the Lord’ apart from Scripture is equating that ‘word’ with Scripture. Dangerous theology, indeed….if that’s the case.

One thing is for certain. There are more than enough theological maladies to be found within the Acts 29 network and its ‘new calvinism’ without a ‘word from the Lord’ to confuse just about anyone.

At, Ken Silva has examined further dangers in the theology and contemplative/mystical practices of Matt Chandler and the Acts29 Network founded by Mark Driscoll.

For those interested, I highly recommend Bob Dewaay’s excellent article entitled “The Problem with Personal Words from God: How People become False Prophets to Themselves” .

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