Westminster 2010 – The UK Version Of Manhattan Declaration

The Westminster 2010 Declaration Of Conscience was launched on Easter Sunday, uniting Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant and Anglican Christians. Sound a tad familiar? There’s a good reason for that:

When [Archbishop] Cranmer was made aware of the Manhattan Declaration last year, he wondered what an equivalent British initiative might be termed, and whether anyone might be inclined to sign it after its founder – the President and CEO of The Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

Well, the equivalent has been born – the Westminster Declaration – and it was not founded by His Holiness the Rt Hon Tony Blair, but by some of the UK’s stellar clerics and theo-political luminaries, including Lord Carey, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali and Baroness Cox.

And, to date, it has just over 10,000 signatories.

The Manhattan Declaration is now approaching half a million, and there is no reason why the Westminster initiative cannot match that.” (Online source)

Peter J. Gordon, an evangelist and church planter from Helensburgh, Scotland, (and who also blogs at Born Again Christians), is urging Christians not to sign.

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