Pope Benedict 16th To Appear At Next Desiring God Conference?

From Ken Silva at Apprising.org, a simply brilliant use of Dr. Piper’s logic – and his own words – used in inviting Rick Warren to speak and (allegedly) edify the body of Christ, turns the tables and wonders how it would sound if applied to the current Pope:

“I had mentioned some negative things earlier about high church liturgy, I said the black community didn’t get into it BUT the observation was the black community, at least some of you, DID get some into Marian Dogmas and the unbloody sacrifice of the Mass. Uh mainly from the Cathechism of the Catholic Church and Vatican II, and Pope Benedict XVI, isn’t uh, non-Trinitarian BUT…uh…from St. Peter’s Basilica, he just conducted a Mass there, and spoke of the cross, and the mystery of transubstantiation, and I was moved. And do I, what do I think about all that?

Well I put my cards totally on the table here, um I have invited Pope Benedict XVI to come to the Desiring God New Downgrade No-Controversy Conference this fall. And he’s coming. Now I will get a lot of criticism for this from my Reformed brothers, because…not because Pope Benedict XVI, as Vicar of Christ, is openly sitting in the seat of the Holy Spirit. I don’t think he wears his theological distinctives on his sleeve with us separated brethren, but would be probably theologically more at home with where I am than where an Arian is. I believe that. What makes Benedict a problem, and I’m gonna… well, when I wrote him, here’s what I said. And he’ll probably watch this video too. I said the conference is called “THINK: The life of the Mind and the Love of God.” I want you to come. You are the Universal Bishop of the Body of Christ, and I don’t think you are actually sitting in the seat of an antichrist. Come and tell us why thinking Biblically matters to you in your amazingly authoritarian approach to ministry.”

Absolutely brilliant. Read the rest here.

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