All Government Is Religious

“Government is a theological issue. It is impossible to have a separation between government and religion. You can and you must have a separation between government and church, but you cannot have a separation between government and religion. Since government deals with justice, since government deals with right and wrong, since government deals with moral values, it has to be religious. it may be the Christian religion or it may be a humanistic religion, but all government is religious. Every law that is passed is a religious law.

Whenever anthropologist study an ancient culture, one of the first things they study is the cultures laws. Why? because whoever determines your law, whoever is the source of your law is your god. If your law emanates from your mind, you are pretending to be god. If your law comes from nine black-robed justices, then they are your gods. If however, your source of law is the One Eternal  and Unchanging God, then God is your God and the God of your society. But, if the Supreme Court, or the state legislature, or man’s reasoning is the source of your law, then man’s reasoning or the Supreme Court is the god of that society. It is that simple.”

John Weaver, The Christian and Civil Government, pp. 8,9

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