Salt Cellar (2/4)

“Angry, Extremist Teabaggers”

The National Tea Party Convention begins today and ends Saturday with a keynote speech by Sarah Palin. The Democratic Governor’s Association is apparently not too happy, calling the movement ‘truly dangerous’. Party on people.

The Seductive Deception of the Call to be Missional

One of the better, and more biblical, articles I’ve seen on what it means to truly be ‘missional’ by Mike Ratliff.

A Touchscreen Kindle

New York Times reports that Amazon has acquired Touchco, a small company specializing in touchscreen technology and plans to incorporate the small firm in it’s Kindle hardware division. A touchscreen Kindle…nice.

No Gospel, No Purpose

Aaron Armstrong takes a look at Michael Horton’s new book “The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News people In A Bad News World”.

Hall of Fame Nacho Avocado Dip

Hall of Fame football player Joe Montana has your avocado dip recipe for the big game. It does look tasty!

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