Is Tim Keller Promoting Roman Catholic Mysticism?

Tim-Keller Tim Keller is well known in reformed circles. Founder and pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (RPC) in Manhattan, he is considered one of the leading voices in American Christianity as an author and conference speaker. RPC has been named, incidentally, as one of the top 25 most influential churches in the country.

There is a concern among many that Pastor Keller has been influenced by, and is now promoting CSM, or contemplative spirituality and mysticism, which finds its roots in Roman Catholicism. The concern is a legitimate one, based not on a single instance, but a pattern.

Ken Silva, of Apprising Ministries has been following this concern and has expressed some questions of his own. I encourage you to read Ken’s posts on Keller here and here for the details.

Please know that I am not taking ‘pot-shots’ at Tim Keller. The concern is real because CSM is polar opposite of the biblical, reformation principle of Sola Scriptura – and the concern doesn’t stop with Tim Keller. This practice of Roman mysticism is showing up throughout the ‘reformed’ camp, and when leading evangelicals – reformed pastors – begin to promote books, speakers and media pushing this stuff, it’s easy to grow comfortable with it’s presence in our bodies of fellowship, and therein lies the danger.

So get out of here, and head on over to and be informed.

– Joel

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