Our Responsibility To The Great Commission

My father preached his first sermon when he was 16 years old, long before I was born. Although it does not guarantee salvation, it is certainly a tremendous blessing to be born into a family with godly parents. I was blessed in that sense from birth.

Over the years, I heard my father preach the sermon below many times, over many, many years. It’s a message that never gets old.

The Great Commission. Matthew 28:16-20.

Many assume they know what the great commission entails and what is required of them, and many, of course, assume much. This audio sermon, which, for the first time has been converted from audio cassette (remember those?) to a digital recording, may contain a few surprises for some folks. For example, have you always heard/thought/been told that ‘Go, therefore’ was a command? Well it’s not. You’ll have to listen to dad to hear why.

One little warning: if you disdain hearing about greek words, or dislike expositional preaching, you may not want to hear this sermon. For those who find themselves benefitting from that type of thing, allow me to introduce you to my dad via a sermon he preached years ago.

Oh, one other thing. Aside from the removal of a few extra long pauses, I’ve left this unedited. There’s something about hearing it as it was delivered by a man who preached the great majority of his life.

Title: “Our Responsibility to the Great Commission” (download link)
Text: Matthew 28:16-20

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