Greg Mills: Grace In The Law Of God – The Fifth Commandment

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I. The fifth commandment is the only commandment with a promise attached.  Its emphasis is the family.

Exposition with Application

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God is giving you.

I. God ordained the family to be the basic unit of society.  It is the most powerful human institution, and the fifth commandment endues it with divine authority.

   The best evidence that America has become a pagan country is the culture war against the family.

II. To comprehend the depth of the problem in our nation’s relentless war against the family, we need to understand:

        A. That law is always a form of warfare.  It punishes law breakers and rewards law keepers.

        B. That law always stands on a platform of faith, because law is always a statement of morality.

     Warfare against the family is the focal point of the larger warfare against Christianity by the new faith system that seeks to replaced it in our nation.

III. Those who believe in biological evolution also believe in social evolution.  They view the biblical definition of family as a relic of man’s primitive past to be replaced by a new social structure.

   This faith in social darwinism is a central tenet of communism.

IV. Several developments in our culture witness the trend towards a new, anti-Christian social structure as America descends into paganism.

        A. No-fault divorces, which mimic the ancient practice of concubinage.

        B. Official sanction and popular acceptance of homosexual marriage.

        C. Legalized abortion, which must inevitably lead to euthanasia of the elderly is a revival of the pagan practice of exposure.

        D. Communal living in the practice of polygamy and polyandry.

    When the culture war moved in the opposite direction, Christianity overturned these pagan practices.  The establishment of biblically based law laid the foundation for all the advancements of western civilization.

V. The promise attached to the fifth commandment works both ways.  Just a honoring family results in the prosperity of a people, dishonoring the family results in hardship.


I. The Church bears the greatest responsibility for the demise of the family.  Attempts to reconcile Christianity with evolution and the reluctance to preach the Ten Commandments as the basis for our system of law drained the Church of its witness and its power to be salt and light.

II. The fifth commandment demonstrates the indissoluble link between law and life.  Law is warfare.  The society that embraces another system of law places itself at war against God, which brings judgment and death.  The establishment of biblical law results in blessing and life.  Exo. 15:26, Exo. 23:34-36, Deut. 4:40, Deut. 5:29, 33.

III. As the fifth commandment confers legitimate authority upon the family, it also imposes legitimate responsibilities.  The family is responsible for education of children, caring for sick and elderly, relieving the impoverished.  To expect society to shoulder these responsibilities is to embrace another faith system.

IV.   Man must believe in something.  What he views as his god – his source of moral authority – determines the course of his life in this world and in the world to come.  There is nothing more vital in these latter days than believing our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

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