TransFORM: The Devil & His Emergent Church In Your Neighborhood

Catalyst Conference in Atlanta

After viewing Rob Bell’s presentation of his false, heretical gospel recently, it was difficult, at the time, for me to imagine more disheartening news for the day. I was wrong. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of those at, and I am truly thankful to God for a site that actually keeps us up to date with the contemporary issues facing the visible church. Kudos to Ken Silva and gang.

But I was almost floored this morning when I viewed the latest video from the emergent ‘children of the Korn’. I know, I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am somewhat.

When I contemplate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I am ever blessed, grace upon grace, always increasing in my thankfulness of what Christ has done on the cross, His propitiation on my behalf, and the unsearchable depths of His grace and mercy on such sinners.

Then there’s the ‘gospel’ of Rob Bell and the emergent church. Is there no end to this wickedness? Yes, but we must be patient, vengeance belongs to the Lord doesn’t it? What may be even more disturbing to me than Bell’s false gospel is the lack of prominent evangelical leaders to come right out and declare Bell a heretic. I guess politics and political correctness pays better doesn’t it? Why are evangelical leaders tippy-toeing around it? That’s another post.

I ran across this video this morning, newly tweeted by an emergent follower, and, after viewing it, I cringed and my imagination ran. I envision all the teens, tweens and all the other descriptors attempting to identify those various generations of people not my age and I think of how popular these emergent leaders and their false gospel has become. It is truly frightening. They are presenting, clearly a false gospel, clearly a false hope, and the bait and the attractiveness of it upon unregenerate men and women must be amazingly easy and comforting to those hearing it.

Well, there is a new push for this false gospel. It is a push to form communities all over the world – support groups, if you will – to continue the false gospel of Rob Bell and those of his ilk who worship creation and the restoration of it, rather than the Creator; who focus more on love and grace, effectually making idols of them, rather than worshiping the Lord and Sovereign of all, Jesus Christ.

They call themselves “TransFORM: Missional Community Formation”.

They are endorsed (not surprisingly) by such names as:

Brian D. McLaren who says:

“In my travels and interaction across denominations, I’m convinced that we need a network to be created. This network would help convene a new generation of leaders to support and encourage one another in the formation of new missional communities. Such a network could work within and alongside existing denominations; it would be bound together not by similarity in form or style but by a common mission and a shared ethos and values. I’m doing all I can to encourage and support this endeavor, and I hope others will join me.”
—Brian D. McLaren
There’s Phyllis Tickle who adds:
“There is probably no more pressing matter facing the Church right now than is the need to establish missional communities that will both live/be/carry the Word within the larger community we call ‘the culture’ and, at the same time, serve as a place of union and shared activity between established churches and emergence Christianity. It would be essentially impossible to exaggerate the magnitude of this need or to overstate how enthusiastically and hopefully I am embracing the concepts articulated by TransFORM.”
—Phyllis Tickle
and of course, Tony Jones:
“It’s time to construct something, time to work proactively for the establishment of new communities of faith. That is clearly the next step of emergence, and I’m thrilled that the right people are getting ready to make this happen. I stand ready to help in any way possible, and I encourage others to wholeheartedly support TransFORM as well.”
—Tony Jones, former National Coordinator of Emergent Village, author of The New Christians
Their stated vision includes “participating with God in God’s holistic mission to restore all of creation” by forming “an international, trans-denominational missional community formation network” (online source )
Their stated Purposes and Goals:
The purpose of TransFORM is to bring together men and women who are on the verge of starting new communities (i.e., community catalysts) or are already cultivating new communities and to give them the encouragement and resources they need to get started and be sustainable:
by providing training in missional community development, practical start-up issues, and theological engagement
by connecting community catalysts with potential support structures
by helping community catalysts negotiate complicated and challenging support structure relationships and hurdles
to link community catalysts with mentors/spiritual directors
Organize regional gatherings to bring together missional practitioners with those interested in forming new missional communities
Partner with denominations/networks/groups to put on these regional gatherings and provide other resources and connections for community catalysts
Develop other resources to encourage missional community formation
Build and sustain momentum, share best practices and other learnings, provide mutual encouragement and exchange of ideas, and develop emerging leaders
Listen to the video below. These people are not only desiring that you follow their false gospel, they are willing to provide resources to help you to gather others to join them. Welcome to the jungle.
For the record, a few of the comments I found interesting:
“We have a deep passion for justice.” – Shane Claiborne
I’m sure that’s true Shane, just not a passion for God’s justice and His exaltation!
We don’t use a lot of church language…we just are. – Jay Bakker
Yes you are Jay, just lost. Repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Gospel.

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