Gospel-Centered Legalism

….one of those few ‘must reads’ you come across. – Joel

“Last week, my friend Jared Wilson tweeted an important question: “Is it possible to be legalistic about gospel-centrality?” His question originated in listening to a Christian podcast essentially rip apart a sermon from a Nashville pastor line by line, condemning it for not being “gospel-centered” enough. Now, I’m not going to defend the sermon – even the pastor who preached it admitted it could have been more focused on what Jesus has done for us in the gospel. BUT I do think Jared raises an interesting question and it stirred in me something that’s been bothering me for awhile.

I’m afraid that in the midst of this new wave of “gospel-centered” pastors, church planters, and ministries, we are creating a new clique, and are legalistically condemning brothers and sisters in Christ because they don’t fit with a very narrow view of the gospel and how it affects our life.

To be sure, there are many people out there preaching a message devoid of Christ and the cross, that are truly missing the gospel. They should be avoided and called to return to the center of Christianity, namely “Christ and him crucified”.

But I’m afraid we’re going farther than that.”…

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