Purpose-Driven Carolina ‘Pope Perry’ Noble – Don’t Fight The Bloggers/Critics…Except When We Do

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Perry Noble (who had the emergent audacity to rebuke (?) Rob Bell ) took a few minutes to coach his congregations on how not to respond to critics last Sunday. Here’s some of what he said (after bragging about asking God for permission to throw over the table of a young woman at a local restaurant who dared to talk about entertainment in church within earshot of Noble):

We don’t fight battles with people that claim to be Christian but don’t like us.

We don’t fight battles with bloggers. We don’t read the stuff, we don’t go on and comment, we don’t do that stuff.

You know why? That’s not our calling. Our calling is to preach the Gospel…and I don’t have time, and neither do any of you, to worry about what people say. We can’t control what they say. We can control what Jesus says to us, and whether or not we’re obedient to it.

Recently we had to release a staff member over him responding to a critic, and he went over the line and confessed some stuff that he did. He said some stuff that he shouldn’t have said. (We don’t have the unabomber. He didn’t blow up anybody’s house. Don’t worry.) And we had to talk to some church members that did some things. And we’re like, “Listen guys, we don’t fight these people.”…

Let me just kind of coach you. If you see people and bloggers and stuff, don’t fight with these people. Because here’s the deal. If we’re wrong, and we’re doing it wrong, God will, like, blow this place up, and they can come celebrate the bonfire.

But if we’re right, if we’re preaching the gospel and lives are being changed, it can’t be stopped. It’s in God’s hands, not ours.

In his talk and later that night, he reported this:

I loved coaching our church today on how to respond to critics…we DON’T fight with them (see Nehemiah 6:1-4)…as Rick Warren says…we OUTLOVEthem, OUTLIVE them and OUTFRUIT them.

Sounds nice (except for the outlive them bit), but Noble’s proof texting completely contradicts his don’t-fight advice. This passage is a favorite of pastors like Noble, but the problem is that most of his critics are not analogous to Nehemiah’s enemies. As I explained in more detail a few months ago, the differences are manifold.

  1. Nehemiah was responding to a lie.
  2. Nehemiah did reply.
  3. Nehemiah faced real mortal enemies who plotted to take his life.”

No Perry, God will not necessarily blow your place up if you’re wrong (and you are). God may very well have the intention of you and your ‘ministry’ growing by leaps and bounds. You may very well be the perfect example of what happens when the world loves you, and biblically speaking, that’s not a good place to be. – Joel

If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; – John 15:19

Read the entire article here. But first….

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