Christian Girl: “My Muslim Family Will Kill Me”

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From CBN News Channel, Tuesday, August 11, 2009:

A young Ohio girl in hiding in Florida says she fears for her life because she is a Christian.

Fathima Rifqa Bary left her temporary home in tears, begging social workers to not send her home.

She’s staying at the Orlando home of Pastor Blake Lorenz of Global Revolution Church.  Bary says she ran away from her home in Ohio because she converted to Christianity and her Muslim father wants to see her die for rejecting his faith.

“They have to kill me. My blood is now halalh which means… because I am now a Christian,” she explained.  “I’m from a Muslim background.  It’s an honor, if they love God more than me. They have to do this.”

Bary says she walked to a bus station and took a bus to Orlando.

She’d made friends with people from Lorenz’s church, which is why she went there.   Social workers from the state of Florida were called in to investigate and Monday a judge gave Florida emergency jurisdiction into the case until the court is sure Ohio will completely investigate if the girl returns there.

“There are too many conflicting things going on with this child and with the circumstances – it needs to be investigated thoroughly,” said DCF attorney Karlene Cole-Palmer.  “So that’s our position that the child should be returned to Ohio….


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