San Diego County Won’t Force Permit On Bible Study Leaders

David Jones

(David Jones, a pastor in National City, holds Bible study groups in his Bonita home. (Peggy Peattie / Union-Tribune)

According to and a Union-Tribune staff writer, San Diego County has backed down from forcing a couple who has led Bible studies in their home for over 5 years to obtain a ‘permit’ to continue, along with the withdrawal for outrageous fines for doing so, which in my opinion, would be nothing short of extortion. Of course, this is obviously not the first time Californian government has displayed their hatred for Christianity.

How did it all start? Quoting the Union Tribune… 

“Tuesday letter from Dean Broyles, attorney for David and Mary Jones: “The Citation specifically orders the homeowner to ‘cease/stop religious assembly’ as opposed to all other types of assembly, such as holding secular (non-religious) meetings, parties or events. Therefore, pursuant to well-established legal precedent, the Order is not neutral because it specifically targets only religious meetings.”

Okay, then the law is wrong, change it, and honor the Creator of both heaven and earth when you do. However, after all the public pressure, much from the internet, without question, Walt Ekard, makes this “I’m-going-to-save-my-job statement”:

Walt Ekard, chief administrative officer for San Diego County:

“Let me be clear: religious intolerance in any form is not, and never will be, allowed under any circumstance in San Diego County government. I deeply regret that a routine code enforcement issue has transformed into a debate over religious freedom in San Diego County.”

Seems to me that it only ‘transformed into a debate over religious freedom’ after someone in charge failed to act the moment they were aware of it.