John Piper Addresses Mark Driscoll/MacArthur Issue At Basics Conference

The remarks begin at around the :37 minute mark.

Here’s a link to the .mp3

“Mark has stuck his foot in his mouth quite a few times….I would encourage no one to become coarse, filthy, trashy…”

“With a certain young crowd, it’s hip, cool…I don’t think you’re mouth needs to be dirty to relate to twenty-somethings in Seattle.”

“The difference between John MacArthur and I at this point is I am not drawing the line that John has drawn from the imperfections of Mark’s ministry to his unfitness of his ministry. I’m not going there at this point. I’m going to Mark. I’m getting in his face now…”I’m old enough to be his dad, he knows that, and I’m in his face, pleading with him…and saying ‘You have incredible influence’…and that’s part of the problem….”

— John Piper

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