Mark Driscoll Responds To Phil Johnson

After receiving a letter from Phil Johnson, Mark Driscoll responds…sort of. Is it helpful? Yes, it is, sort of. However, this video was originally posted prior to John MacArthur’s so very public rebuke, and, I might add, does not address the issues MacArthur brought up in the SoS posts.

Driscoll states regarding the language issue:

“For the young guys [“seminary students and young pastors”] who will hear this, here’s my admonition, ‘It’s not about me, it’s about Jesus. If you’ve paid attention to anything I’ve ever said, it’s about Jesus. Please don’t be yet another generation of guys who define themselves by what their against. Don’t get caught up in shooting all your brothers and arguing over secondary matters….In the end, I implore you, I beg you, talk about Jesus, think about Jesus, study about Jesus, go out and pastor for Jesus, and preach about Jesus….The worst thing in the world would be that I became the center of discussion. “

Secondary matters? Since when did a pastor-teacher on a national platform, with less than pastoral language, making jokes of masturbation on national television become ‘secondary matter’? Am I missing something?

You will find some things mentioned helpful in this video. That is true. What you will not find, or, at least I saw nothing of, is repentance over the very type of behavior that John MacArthur has rebuked him publicly for. Speaking of which, where are the voices of Piper, Mahaney, etc?? The rebuke was publicly made, the request by MacArthur was publicly made…why the silence?

Afterthought (thanks Phil 🙂 )

I have not read the letter Phil sent Mark. But just an afterthought here……When I say the video was helpful, I’m saying it helped me understand Driscoll more than I had previously (…wait for it…). It was helpful in confirming that Mark is adept at skirting the issues, particularly the language/behavior issues. – JT

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